In our pursuit of creating the finest of performance pockets, Armor Mesh has developed our revolutionary hand made design.  As chain link armor was developed for gladiators, our Free-Flowing Woven Technology, with connections moving and flowing simultaneously, brings the utmost feel and ball control to any player.  
Armor Mesh flexes where you want it, yet stays consistently taut at the top for an always-smooth release.  Expanding and contracting together, our uncut diamonds provide as little resistance points as possible for the ball, to always keep it in your control, while cradling, catching, faking or however you wish to flow on the field. Dual sided options offer either added grip and torque, or channeling accuracy.  
Complementing the pocket design technology, we’ve spared no expense choosing the material that we believe is best suited for the mission.  This cordage is 100% hydrophobic with unmatched durability at a strength to weight ratio 10x greater than steel, yet so light and waterproof that it will literally float on water. 
Here at Armor Mesh, we are excited as we bring our passion to you and to the future of Lacrosse.