Design Advantage = Competitive Advantage

Our name is inspired by the chain link armor developed for gladiators and our mesh features similar Free-Flowing Woven Technology.

Armor Mesh flexes and shifts around the ball, with connections points creating a shifting web of flow and feel that gives the ball carrier a performance advantage of hold, feel, power and control.

*A critically important feature of our pockets (given the soft, touchy hold and feel benefits when the ball is in its floating sweet spot) is that Armor Mesh stays consistently taut at the top for a consistently smooth release. 

Expanding and contracting together, our uncut diamonds provide limited resistance points around the ball, putting you, the ball carrier in better control, while catching, cradling, clearing or creating offense.

Dual sided options offer either added grip and torque, or channeling accuracy. 

Material Advantage = Competitive Advantage

Complementing the pocket design technology, we’ve spared no expense with materials. Our cordage is 100% hydrophobic with unmatched durability at a strength to weight ratio 10x greater than steel, yet so light and waterproof that it will literally float on water. 

Design Advantage X Material Advantage = The Armor Advantage