Enter the 2023 ArmorUp Awards

Armor Mesh is excited to connect with the stringing community through our first ever Armor Up Awards. 

We believe that every stick is a work of art, and over the past year we have been absolutely blown away by all the beautiful sticks that have been put together by talented stringing artists around the world. 

These awards are meant to be a celebration of the stringing community and our way of paying testament to, and giving thanks for everyone out there that shares our passion for stick making. 

Simple Entry Process:

  • Submit your entry photo(s) via DM to @armormesh Instagram
  • Post your entry photo (s) to your story & tag us.
  • Deadline, Sunday, January 14. Brackets will be made on Monday, January 15. 

Head to Head Tourney Format:

Top 32 entries will be selected by AM staff. A head to head tourney via voting will take place via our Instagram story to see who advances each round.


CHAMPIONS: Free Chromed Out Head (your choice; any model, any company) & 3 free pieces of Armor Mesh

FINAL 4: 3 free pieces of Armor Mesh